Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bay 2 Breakers 2010--Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!

What better way to celebrate dad's big 6-0 than by making him run 7 miles through San Francisco with me and a bunch of naked people while brother and coachubby drunkenly waddle behind and mom documents the experience--and the full-frontal nudity?

That's what I thought. There is no better way.

And so, here's Bay 2 Breakers (minus a lot of the full-frontal...you can thank me later).

Tour of California 2010--Stage 3 Photos & Video

Tour organizers moved the Tour to May to avoid the craptastic weather February brought last year. But while it may have seemed like their idea panned out-- the California coast was reportedly sunny this morning--Tour riders met a freezing, wet cloud of evil as they rode up Tunitas Creek to the KOM this afternoon. And so were spectators. But we still went out in full force, climbing King's Mtn. then ditching our bikes and huddling in sweaty, misty-wet groups of bouncing body-heat generating spandexified cyclophiles.

Creepy wet descents!

Here are some photos from the KOM, and the intersection of 84 and Skyline in Woodside, CA. The first few KOM photos are of a smartypants who followed a lead vehicle over the line, earning his 10 seconds of fame.

And a little video.

The peloton: