Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Phoenix Fails

Do you ever go home for the holidays and marvel at how your neighborhood has changed?  Most of my neighbor's homes are gone (razed), my favorite backyard bike trail is fenced off (maximize that property line!), and the tree in front of my house is cut... strangely. Which brings us to our first Phoenix Fail:

Neighbor Fail          
Yes, the branches overhanging the property on the left are chopped off at the property line.

And the lady in that house on the left wonders why nobody welcomed her to the neighborhood.

Cactus Fail
I knew something was off with the cactus down the street so I went to inspect and found a little door on its trunk. Turns out Phoenix was not overcome by saguaro-dwelling leprechauns (my first guess), but sneaky cell-phone tower builders. Maybe now I won't have to walk out of the house to answer the phone.

<-- This is not a cactus!

Christmas Light Fail

You know something is wrong when even your super-Christian relatives comment on the, um, interesting lighting situation down the street. (Palm trees by day...)

Happy New Year!