Monday, October 15, 2007

The Mental State of A Sprint Champion

This race is so short and

So close to my home

I should not have to get up

Very early

I shouldn’t eat

The same amount

As I do when I’m riding

A century

But I like peanut butter

And banana sandwiches

And they’re called a

“Skinny Elvis”

So I eat

And get on my feet

Then roll down to transition

On a dark Sunday morning

My town is bustling

People are everywhere

But this time it’s not

To get drunk

(At least not yet)

No stumbling drunkards

Allowed in transition

I rack my bike

Then go out for a stealth loop

of the course

When I get back

Girls are crowding my rack

Even though I stuck a fake flower

And my wetsuit to hold my space

This not gonna work! I say

So they move their bikes an inch

The other way

Now I’ll have to beat them

To get my space back

Out of transition!

The race director yells

So much for a warm up run

I didn’t want to do it anyway

So I’m not too upset.

My plan: drink a Red Bull

To get my heart rate up without moving

I wander over to the beach

My wave doesn’t leave

For almost an hour after the

First one

Coachancé will be done

Before I get in

So I’ll have a sweet cheer squad

Yeah for me!

I spot a friend

And we chat

I cheer for coachancé as he tears up the water

I watch for my coworker

Whom I trained

Smiles and waves

On his way up the sand

I guess I should get in

So the water’s not a shock

And when the gun goes off

I don’t go bezerk

A 30 second warm up swim

And I’m ready to go

I line up with the other girls

They are sweet

And excited to be there

This is fun, I think to myself

Community events are cool

its fun to see

the town come out

for a tri

Off the gun goes

I’m on my toes

Diving through wave after wave

A few girls are ahead of me

But nobody can handle my

Trusty steed, Pinky

So I’m not to worried at all

Out of transition, I’m first on the bike

I begin to fly

Lots of people on the road

It’s quite overloaded

“Coming up on your left”

becomes the phrase of the day

I took my shoes off while on the bike

And was quite proud of this feat

No more clankety clank through transition

I’m all quiet on my socked feet

I take off on the run

This is so much fun!

I’ve run here several times before

It kind of hurts

But I have hurt worse

And I want to win

So I try

Through the finish line I go

No big fanfare

There were too many waves to know

Who’d be the female winner there

So home I go to shower

Grabbing my flower

Off of my transition

I have a lot of space now

The other girls are nowhere to be seen

I shouldn’t have been so mean!

Oh well, now I’m clean

Coachancé kicked butt

So it’s time to collect his reward

But what’s this I see

The female winner is me!?

Freaking sweet!

I am filled with ecstasy!

There is no reward

For the overall winners

Which is a little sad

But my 10 seconds on the podium

Is quite enough

For a moment of personal glory

No formal coaching

No nutritionists

No fancy bike fits

No heart rate training

Just guts


A positive attitude

A lot of chocolate cake

Magazine reading

And a desire to have fun

And now I’m a triathlon champion!

Woo hoo!

Happy Training!

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