Tuesday, December 18, 2007

5th Annual Holiday Speedo Run

Every year, the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica unassumingly becomes subject to an onslaught of incredibly good-looking, practically naked people. And I’m not talking about the bizarre display MAC Cosmetics set up with half-naked men wearing makeup. The people I’m talking about run proudly in their Speedos–and for a good cause. Gathering at 1pm in Ye Olde Kings Head Bar, these pioneers of Speedo usage drink some liquid courage to warm up before they strip down. Then at 2pm, they unleash themselves on the world, singing Christmas carols and bringing merriment to all. And they do it to raise money and gather sports equipment for kids, so they can excel in sports, become proud of their bodies, and, in turn, run around in public in their Speedos when they are fully grown. Below are some pictures of this blissful day. Enjoy!P.S. Check out these two videos from the run!

Holiday Speedo Run-Jumping Jax
and Running & Singing

Awesome DudeBeer Shots

Let's Run!Santa's Big Helpers

Rudolph and FriendsSanta's Sexy Helpers

Santa HimselfSanta's Helpers

Thumbs Up!

For more information on the run, click here!

Happy Holidays!



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