Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beware the Ring of Fire!

I've discussed the unfortunate back burn pattern known as the smiley, but now there is a new burn design on the rise among triathletes and cyclists alike: the Ring of Fire!

Ring of Fire

This strange and painful burn occurs when you put spray sunscreen on after you've already suited up in your jersey, then go for a long ride. As you pedal, your jersey sleeves sneak up a little bit, exposing your virgin skin to the hot sun, toasting a ring around your bicep.

Tips for Ring of Fire avoidance: Roll your sleeves up before you spray sunscreen on. OR put sunscreen on naked, let dry, proceed to dress. (Of course, if you like to draw attention to your biceps, the Ring of Fire is an excellent way to do so.)

Happy summer training!

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