Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Silver Bullet in the ICU

Bicycle Heaven

Here's a little story

so listen well

so your bike

won't go to hell

Should your lover

build a rack

and stick your bike

in the very back

behind the front door

where it gets whacked

tell him kindly

"This won't do!"

so this does not

happen to you

The right shifter couldn't take it any more

being hit by the front door

the repeated abuse knocked him out cold

he's lucky if he makes it out alive, I'm told

We're praying he's still under warranty

Or else this could get quite costly

He has no health insurance, you see

So just between you and me

if this should happen to thee

park your bike in front of the TV

It's a much safer place to be

Pray for the Silver Bullet. His anonymously paint-devoid frame and donated parts make him one of the most humble, kind, and stealthily fierce competitors out there.


Triathlete Diva

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