Thursday, July 23, 2009

Race Across Oregon Didn't Kill Me--I'm Back!

And older.

As of yesterday.

But only in numbers.

OK, and maybe in joint mobility after attempting RAO.

Should you have been checking the time stations on the RAO website, you might have noticed that after Spray, OR (yes, some place along the route was called Spray. And yes, jokes were made. Hydration jokes.), I disappeared.

(Me and my superhot crew minutes before the race start.)

Well, I didn't actually disappear. I did keep going.

Just not all the way to the next time station.

Full report coming soon, including head winds in all directions, 98-degree heat, freak storms, and special nicknames for all riders within my vicinity. Like Mr. Pee-Bag, Bananaman, and Mr. Bonk. OK, that last one was actually someone's name.

Thank you for all of your support!


  1. Eagerly awaiting the report! :) Henceforth headwinds will be known as RAO winds, and heat will be known as RAO heat. Oh, and I guess cold will be known as ES cold!

  2. That climb after Spray was where I sprayed the most people with the weed sprayer. Filled from the John Day River, of course! =)

  3. So true. Nothing will ever beat ES cold. And I pray nothing will ever beat RAO wind and heat either!

    I loved your weed sprayer :)

  4. I was worried when you disappeared from the standings and no race report came! Looking forward to reading all about it.