Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rotten Apple

Of all the things that can't handle Ironman, I did not think my computer would be one of them.

I spent 3 days reporting from IMAZ, working on a kick ass multimedia project that I would then use to wow the editors of Outside Magazine who would then pick me as their kick ass online intern, only to have my computer decide it was too much to handle and blow up.

When I woke up this morning, all it would give me was the spool of death. No Final Cut awesomeness. No dragging in of rad photos from Ironman. No copying of rad video clips. Just a rainbow-colored spool of death. It should be a spinning skull and crossbones, not a rainbow. That's just rubbing it in, Mac people.

The Mac geniuses erased my entire hard drive. It was the only way, they said.

The cold I got from staying up for several days straight to report IMAZ came in handy--when my eyes welled up with tears, I had an excuse other than being really, really attached to the virtual world of me that I'd built up on my hard drive over the past 4.5 years.

So now my computer works, but it's like it has Alzheimer's. It looks the same, but it's completely lost its personality. It's like looking at a cold, hard piece of silver metal instead of a reflection of the last 4 years of my life.

It looks like it did in 2005.

Photos- gone. Music-gone. Every file from this quarter of school- gone. Most of the programs I use- gone. Some of it is backed up, but not all.

I have finals in a week.

If I didn't have to complete this quarter with this computer, I would bunny hop on it with all 4 of my bikes until it became a pile of computer mush that I would then feed to a metal grinder. Then I would scatter its computer ashes somewhere computers hate to be. Like in water. Deep, cold water.

But for now, my rotten Apple is letting me write this blog. So for that, I must be thankful.

It is Thanksgiving, after all.

I am also thankful that all of the photos and video from IMAZ still live on a backup hard drive and tapes, respectively.

It's strange to become so attached to a machine. I saw my computer as something with a unique personality--as a reflection of me. I suppose this is a weird thing only the generations that grew up with computers experience.

So thank you, rotten Apple, for dying today so I'd realize that I am not the sum of my virtual components.

But I'd still like them back. Just 'cuz.


  1. Having had a computer die and take irreplaceable things with it, I empathize... this is why you need to get a nice-sized external hard drive and run Time Machine on a regular basis.

  2. So true. I must write an update: Computer completely dead. Final Words were in Word. Wheel of death overtook it. Does not believe it has a hard drive in it. Must buy new computer. If only Mac had a rent-to-own program...

  3. Sorry to hear about the computer! I had a similar thing happen with my external hard drive recently - it died, and it has all of my pictures from all of my trips (Africa, Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, etc.) on it. :( Someone at work is trying to see if there's any way to recover the data, but it's not looking good....

  4. Erin...

    Apple has a pretty good sale going on today. Check 'em out. I'm guessing the Apple stores will be packed. But you can get a laptop online!

    And they do have financing options....

  5. Thanks dudes! I am currently typing on my new computer, found at the Stanford bookstore approximately 1 hour ago. Merry Christmas to me!

  6. What perfect timing that your Apple died right before the Apple 1-day sale! Way to capitalize on this well-laid sign of fate!