Monday, December 7, 2009

Total Injustice: Tiger Woods and Cops who Kill Christmas

Only in America could a man drive an SUV into a tree while being attacked by a golf-club wielding wife and get fined a measly $14 more than a cyclist who rolled through a stop sign alongside a car on a country road.
Tiger Woods was fined $164 for careless driving. Coachubby and I were charged $150--each--for rolling the stop sign at a T intersection (going from the left of the T top to the right) along with a car. Apparently we cyclists were more of a threat to the public than Tiger Woods was behind the wheel of a massive SUV. (In his case, he got 4 points vs. his driver's license, we got none.)

There are several conclusions we can draw from this:
1. I need to be a celebrity to keep my momentum without paying for it.
2. Cops in Orlando are nicer than cops in Woodside.
3. My Silver Bullet frankenbike is more intimidating than an Escalade.
4. Woodside cops discriminate against pink spandex.
5. Santa decided coachubby and I deserve coal for Xmas and has appeared in the uniform of a Woodside cop to tell us so because his suit was getting dry cleaned.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Well....true, but then again, the media is not mining your past as we speak to find out every embarrassing and unethical thing you have ever done and half the planet isn't saying, "Boy, that Erin Beresini turned out to be one humungous dousche, huh?", which may concievably end up costing you tens of millions of dollars in endorsements down the road.

    So, you know, it's all relative. Justice comes in it's own time and sometimes in strange ways, but sooner or later everyone pays the piper. Actions always have consequences. There is no Eden.

  2. You got busted in Woodside???? Ahhhhh!! They've been cracking down there a LOT the last few years. Always stop at the 3-way on Alpine/Portola - it's one of their favorite hangouts. I've heard they're also cracking down on the one on Portola/Mountain Home, and of course they're often at the ones on Canada too.

  3. So uncool. They must know that's an easy way to get cash. So sad.

  4. The basic problem is this...

    The residents of Woodside are sick of cyclists riding in huge packs through their town. They're also sick of cyclists blowing through stop signs. Thus, the police crack down on every little infraction committed by cyclists.