Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stanford Degree + RAAM + Outside = Best Year Ever

Two phone conversations:

Wed, the 10th.
RAAM Media Guy: Erin?
Me: Woah, I just picked up my phone to turn it off of silent and realized I was getting a call.
RMG: Um, ok.
Me: Sorry. Hi!
RMG: Hi, this is the RAAM Media Guy.
Me: It's great to hear from you!
RMG: So I want to get an idea of what kind of equipment you have.
Me: I have a Canon mini-DV camera that I got for my 16th birthday. It's cool.
RMG: Um, ok.
Me: And I have a sweet Canon DSLR.
RMG: Ok, so let me go over this. I think you would make a great writer for our team.
Me: Ok!

Moral of the story: Old camcorders do not impress real videographers. And I'm going to be covering RAAM as a writer in June. Woo hoo! (Unfortunately, I will have to miss my graduation to do so. Uber bummer.)

Conversation #2:
Today, 3:15 pm
I dial Outside Magazine for the 9th time in one day, trying to return a call before I go into a 3-hour class. Finally, someone answers. I have already left 2 messages on Outside Guy's machine, and surely his modern phone told him I'd called the other 7 times. I should probably be more embarrassed about that than I am.
Me: Outside Guy! It's Erin!
OG: Hi!
Me: So I thought I'd try to catch you before going to class.
OG: So, are you still interested in the internship?
Me: Hell yes.
OG: We'd like to have you.
Me: AHHHHHHHHH! WOO HOO!!!!!! You just made my month. I have to go to class now. Bye.
OG: Bye.

And so, after becoming a sleep-deprived non-racing RAAM participant, I will move to Santa Fe for 6 months--hopefully the warm, pretty months--to do whatever it is Outside interns do. And sleep outside. Because that is the only place I can afford. My dad and coachubby are super thrilled that I will be an intern...again...5 years after I finished being an undergrad.

Woo hoo!!!!!!


  1. Erin! That is wonderful! I am so excited for you. Yay.

  2. Thank you, Kareenie! I want to watch your ultraswim! :D

  3. I'm psyched to see you out there!