Monday, March 7, 2011

Enduro Word of the Week (WOW): Neapolitan

Hi Tri peeps! I have so much to tell you! I've been AWOL because I finished up an internship with Outside Magazine in Santa Fe then moved to San Diego to work for Competitor Magazine. I'll be posting frequently on More about me to come (I signed up for Ultraman Canada, so I'm sure most of it will be about that.) Party on.
neapolitan (neapoli-tan) n. : the color an endurance athlete’s legs turn after riding a bike and running in shorts of different lengths. Like the italian ice cream, the quads become a delicious mix of never-exposed lightness, peek-a-boo shaded and sun-loving dark. Most often observed when triathletes run in tiny shorts.
My goodness, check out that guy’s neapolitan!
Can also be used as a verb, as in: I’m switching up my tri shorts today because I’m neapolitanning.
Sometimes seen as sexy, the neapolitan identifies the multisport athlete when he/she hits the pool. Men must wear speedos to observe this benefit.

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