Monday, March 19, 2007

5 Reasons Gloomy Days Will Make Your Best Ride

(And by gloomy, we're talking LA gloomy in this article. Which is about 60 degrees and overcast/foggy/drizzly. So for those of you who have gloomy days with an average temp of 11 and snow flurries...and live thousands of miles from the beach, this surely won't make any sense...)

Gloomy beach

  1. There is significantly less traffic along the coast. So while riding up PCH from Santa Monica is perma-creepy, at least there will be lulls in traffic that make it seem like you're all alone and at peace with the gorgeous ocean-lining road. (Just be sure to wear bright colors! It's hard to see things in the flat gloominess.)EmptyHighway

  2. There are WAY fewer people on the bike paths. Because they line the beach, and it's "ugly" outside, everyone and their mother will not be trying out their new rollerblades/bike/skateboard/running shoes for the first time and wobbling all over, making it hard for you to go over 5 mph.Bike Path

  3. It's kind of cold, and definitely not sunny. If you're like the many other pasty-white-from-the-winter triathletes in LA, this is fabulous for two reasons: First, you can probably wear long sleeves without overheating, thereby lessening your chance of getting massively sunburned. And second, one application of sunscreen on your face before your 7 hour ride should do the trick. You should return home just as pasty as before, and without greater risk of skin cancer from getting your umpteenth burn in the last few months from training like a maniac.ColdCyclist

  4. There are many other cyclists. They knew the above information, and set out on some epic journeys. If you are all alone to start, chances are you'll meet someone out there and it'll help make the hours fly by.Cyclists

  5. You'll feel like a rockstar for looking the nasty weather that tried to foil your long ride in the face and saying: "You don't scare me! Maybe I'll even ride an extra hour! Ha!" And you get bragging rights when you return home to find your roomies have played Scrabbble all day because it was "just too nasty outside to go anywhere". Your coolness factor for today is exponentially greater than theirs. Give yourself a pat on the back. And a giant sandwich.Scrabble Dork

Happy Spring Training!

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