Tuesday, March 6, 2007

What Would You Do if There Were No Triathlon

It's hard to imagine, isn't it? But what would you do if you couldn't do triathlon. Or if there were no triathlon? Would you sleep in? Buy a vacation home with the thousands of dollars you would save in race fees and bike parts?


It's a simple enough question, but if you really get to thinking about it, what WOULD you do. It's a toughie. Especially if you're training for an Ironman, your life gets defined in triathlon terms. What workout you're doing this morning, this evening. You're not eating "breakfast", you're "powering up" or eating "good recovery food". Dinner is not dinner! It's "carbo loading"! Work is the place you go to make enough money to finance that "race" trip to the south of France (you don't go on "vacations"!) Your family is your "cheer squad" and "support structure" and your car is simply a giant bike bag.


So if there were no triathlon...no Kona to dream about, what would you do? And to make the question fair, you can't just switch to being a runner, swimmer or cyclist. Try to look at your life outside the athletic scope. You'd still love the outdoors. You'd still have that drive to challenge yourself in strange ways...like maybe run 50 miles on trails in one day. But there'd be no finish line. Only you would know of your accomplishment. Who knows?

So, what would you do?

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