Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Pros and Cons of Riding Your Bike to Work

You are a triathlete. You love riding your bike. So why not get in some extra mileage and work on making your legs even sexier by riding to work? Here are some considerations to make when thinking about ditching the car for the Kuota.


1. If you live in a big city, it may very well take you less time to ride than it does to drive.

2. By riding your bike, you are doing your part to save our environment, so you can feel good about yourself for that contribution all day.

3. Effortless extra mileage can be added to your training plan.

4. No more listening to Ryan Seacrest’s psychobabble in the morning.

5. You can eat even more than you already do to make up for your work-ride caloric expenditure.


1. If you have an impressionable forehead, like TriDiva, you may be left with unsightly helmet marks that make you look like you’re a character from Star Trek that will last all day long and through every meeting you have. (Or, you might just get stuck with helmet hair.)

2. If your office has no gym nearby / shower facilities, you may stink big time upon your arrival. (However, this may also be a good thing if you do not enjoy contact with your co-workers anyway.)

3. Drivers are a**holes, a lot of the time. You may arrive at work frazzled, and with a sore middle finger you can no longer lift to secretly use vs. your boss or anyone else at work. (But you shouldn’t be flicking people off anyway…because they might try to kill you…especially people in Camry’s…there’s something about people in Camry’s and cyclist stalkers…)

4. You no longer get to listen to Ryan Seacrest’s morning psychobabble—and you actually enjoyed it!

5. If you’re the forgetful type, you may arrive at work having found you’ve forgotten work essentials—like underwear, a shirt that isn’t made out of spandex, or shoes that don’t have cleats attached. If you’re forgetful and still want to ride to work, make a checklist and get everything ready the night before.

Happy Commuting!

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