Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ode to a ’96 Raleigh M7000 (it’s a mountain bike)

When I was a teen

You were so pretty and clean

I rode you to school

To make the other kids drool

We did our first race together

In nasty ass weather

You always made me look so cool

Then came college and you were boxed up

Shipped to the snow in a big truck

You sat outside and got a little rusty

But that was OK, you were always trusty

40 pounds of silvery steel, you will never die

And that is exactly why

Even though your rear shock goes from side to side

Your breaks don’t work and your gears grind

You still go downhill pretty well

And even though my friends give me hell

I will not replace you, this I promise

Because if I did, I would certainly miss

Your constant squeak that lets me know you’re there

And the way you decide which gear to wear

Because my Raleigh, when I was a teen you were free

And so forever together we shall be

A bike and rider intertwined

Oh Raleigh M7000 I’m so glad you are mine!

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