Tuesday, March 11, 2008

10 Things to Think About 2.5 Weeks from Wedding Day

There are only 18 days until the marriage of two triathletes. Here are some thoughts from the bride:

  1. Coachancé is a far more fun word than hoach.

  2. Wearing long sleeves for a marathon to avoid dreaded tan line issues is gonna be hot. Bride with farmer's tan

  3. Dad has never seen the dress in person. Will he cry? At least he would if he knew how much it cost...

  4. Is this the point when chocolate cake is supposed to be banned from my diet? chocolate cake

  5. How are we going to fit two tri bikes, all the tri gear, all of my wedding week wardrobe, and my dress in the car?

  6. How do I thank my mom for being the wedding planner and thus bearing most of the stress?

  7. If I run the morning of the wedding, am I supposed to wash my hair, or is the sweat good for styling?

  8. Will the make-up artist cover the new giant oven burn on my forearm?

  9. Will I get all of my workouts in during the week of the wedding? Without getting fried by the Arizona sun?

  10. What will the coachancé think of my dress? At least it's not spandex, so that should be different.

happy guy

It's almost time!

Happy Tuesday!

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