Friday, May 30, 2008

Arturo Garza Sighting!

If you don't know who this athlete is, I'll tell you. He's Mexico's #1 top triathlete. That's right, he's the greatest triathlete in Mexico. So great, in fact, that Mexico pays for his bikes (it's been rumored). That'd be like telling your local bike shop to bill the US Treasury for your next carbon fiber splurge. He was an alternate at the Athens Olympics for the Mexican tri team and hopes to compete in Beijing this summer.

Arturo Garza Pro Triathlete(Arturo Garza)

This speedy Mexican is currently chillin' in the South Bay, ordering a new bike on his country's dime, and swimming with none other than Macca's former swim buddy, Chris Foster, at the Torrance Plunge. Spotting Garza was quite simple, as his slender body was decked out in a World Cup one-piece tri suit with his name splashed across the chest.

Seems like the thing to do if you're one of the best triathletes in the world is to go swimming with Chris Foster. Chris McCormack's done it. Arturo Garza's doing it. Everyone's getting faster. Could you be next? (Hint: You must be able to log at least 6,000 yards in one workout to hang with the big boys.)



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