Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The California Triple-T: On Hold

Starting to look past your summer race schedule and into fall triathlon options, you might've been excited to read a slew of press releases about the famous American Triple-T coming to CA.

The California Triple-T, scheduled for September 18-20 in Lake County, CA, has sadly been called off this year. HFP Racing customer service rep, Dan Davis, said it was canceled due to a lack of interest.

The killer triathlon weekend, traditionally held at the end of May in Ohio, was going to make its West Coast debut this September.

A 3-day extravaganza, the event would've treated triathletes to 4 races: a Friday night super sprint, 2 olympic-distance races on Saturday, and a half-iron distance race on Sunday. Athletes can choose to go it alone or as a part of a team. (But they must do all of the races!)

Basically, it's like breaking up an Ironman and doing it over 2 days--in the hopes that athletes can keep their race intensity far above what they would've done in Ironman. And if the athlete participates on a team, the team members can draft one another in the third and fourth races--but they must finish together.

When HFP tries to put the California race on in 2010, DO NOT wait until the last minute to sign up (like I usually do). As Mr. Davis says, "the Cali race is dependent on early registrations."

Let them know you're coming, so we can get our West Coast Triple-T on!

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