Monday, June 29, 2009

The Manhattan Beach Grand Prix 2009--Rock Racing Wins Again

Residents of Manhattan Beach and the surrounding areas are blessed. Where else in America can a person be treated to a spectacle of world-class cyclists racing by her door?

Coachubby and I walked over to watch pro men, including the controversial Floyd Landis, and women race in the 48th Annual Manhattan Beach Grand Prix yesterday.
(Landis is in the Ouch kit.)

The fast course features only two turns--tight, fast right turns I have dubbed "evil turns of death" that always delight twisted spectators with wicked crashes every year.

This year was no different, although I didn't actually witness the crashes. The women had a crash on their last lap, destroying the cohesive peloton that left the start/finish, leaving racers limping in in mini pelotons--all behind 16-year old Proman Hit Squad rider Coryn Rivera, a cycling prodigy if there ever were one, who took the women's field. Click below for a little screechy action from the far corner.

Rahsaan Bahati won the men's race for the 3rd year in a row! Luckily for MB cycling fans, Rock Racing wasn't out in all of its "in your face" glory this year, keeping it's team RV and blaring music out of sight. Although the efforts to blend in a bit made for more pleasant race viewing, a few calls of "Rock Racing Sucks!" still bellowed out of the crowds. One thing's for sure, however: Rahsaan Bahati doesn't suck. He rocks it.

And so did Team Type 1, who royally kicked my butt in February, and who got team member Kenneth Hansen the 3rd place podium spot. For full pro results, click here.

Just another awesome day at the beach! Yea for tapering!


  1. What? No mention of the awesome prodigy Logan who took the seven year old race? tsk, tsk. Hope you are enjoying your taper! When do you leave?

  2. SWEET! Logan's a Bahati superstar in the making! I leave super early Tuesday morning! (The 7th.) Oy ve.