Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pulling a Double Move

Coachubby and I live together.
We won't when I go to school.
Therefore, he must move into a smaller apartment while my rent goes to school housing.
Therefore, we're moving him in this weekend--with all of my stuff!
Therefore, I will have to move twice within a month.
Therefore, I am currently trying to purge our current place of as much stuff as possible in order to fit el remaining stuff-o into the tiny place.
I've thrown out a lot.
Now I'm staring at a box full of race t-shirts.
I am now stumped.
Please, Lord, give me strength!

And now some pics from our Race Down Oregon aka drive down Highway 1 back to Lalaland. (And one more RAO pic.)



Riding the Oregon dunes.

In compression tights. Stylin'.

Grin and bear it.

Lombard St., San Francisco


Ghirardelli Chocolate!

Grandpa's 86th Birthday!

My...um...20somethingth birthday!


  1. I feel your pain: the academy for State Peace Officer is live-in and the g/f (whom I currently live with) isn't allowed. It's 7 mos. and I stand the chance of being relocated, so moving her into her own place seems silly especially since my room and board will be paid for (assuming I get the job).

    Best of luck to you and CoachHubbby!

  2. Man, that puts a damper on getting paid room and board. That has to be strange going from normal life to having no girls allowed :)