Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Info Management for Type-A Triathletes: A Free Stanford Education

Between training, work, family and stuff, it's easy for a Type-A triathlete to go into a panic trying to manage everything.

A class assignment led me to create a netvibes page. It's like iGoogle, but fancier. You can put everything you spend hours trolling the internet for in one handy-dandy place.

Want to pretend you're in my Digital Journalism class with Howard Rheingold? Well, you can. For real. Here's our class syllabus. Do the assignment for class #6 and you, too, can have a nifty netvibes page in no time.

Ahhh. Now doesn't that feel better?

Here's a screenshot of mine:
For my reading pleasure, I have feeds of the following things:
  • NYT most-emailed list (did anyone find something fun to read?)
  • winter olympics news feed from google (who's kicking ass?)
  • Stanford's weather forecast (should I ride my trainer or outside today?)
  • Outside's blog (what crazy stuff did Colton Harris-Moore get himself into recently?)
  • Bicycling magazine features (should my next bike have electronic shifters?)
  • Slowtwitch (how fast do I have to get to be featured on Slowtwitch?)
  • Le Monde--a la une (because I like to think I'm French. And I need to practice la langue. La une is the front page feed)
  • Media Shift's blog (will there be any journalism jobs in June?)
  • all things paris from Twitter (see Le Monde)
  • Funny or Die blog (I like funny)
  • TMZ (I like funny)
  • my Twitter feed (journalists are e-stalkers. twitter is an essential stalking tool. now I and 2.4 million other people know what Lance had dinner with his girlfriend Anna Hansen last night)

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