Friday, February 12, 2010

The Winter Olympics: Get Your Game Face On (Or turn on your TV)

The Winter Olympics start today in Vancouver!

To get you excited, here are some things to check out:

The New York Times has some fun videos of snowboard tricks you might see soon. Watch them here. Men's halfpipe events start on February 17 at 1:05pm PST.

For the full olympic schedule, click here.

NBC will be covering the olympics on TV and online. Check out their olympics site here.

National Geographic reports that this will be the warmest winter olympics ever. Vancouver has been trucking in snow to Cypress Mountain, home of the snowboarding and freestyle skiing events. And athletes have been experimenting with new, super wax to make their gear perform better in wet snow. Read all about it here. (Skip down to the heading Vancouver 2010 Snow: Good News, Bad News, unless you want to read about El Nino.)

Woo hoo!

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