Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Flying, Bikes, Fatties, and Aero-Injustice

Thoughts from a recent flight:

  1. I always get stuck next to the fat person.

  2. Planes should have weigh-ins, then allow a total amount of weight per person. This way, twiggy girls can pack all sorts of extra clothes to keep warm, triathletes can bring their bikes, and obese people can fly—all for the same price.

  3. In #2’s proposal, bodybuilders would be screwed.

  4. Plane seats are quite small, and in the off-season, as per #2’s proposal, all I might be able to bring with me is a bag of dark chocolate M&Ms (yes, they have them now! Delicious!)

  5. Planes are freezing inside, even if you fly between, say, Phoenix and Las Vegas in the summer.

Happy Plane Traveling!

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