Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Vineman Redux


Excitement arose

as we drove and drove

North up and away

for a race last Sunday

Neither of us had ever been

very close to wine country

So when we arrived

we were overcome with its beauty

Twisty country roads took us along

toward the beach for the river swim

would the swim be wetsuit-legal?

wouldn't know until the race officials got in.

Then back off along the skinny roads

in a big arc we went

me noting grapes in rows and rows

coachance figuring where the road bent

Race day could not have been more fantabulous

Parents and a dear friend came out to cheer for us

With "It's my birthday!" on my right calf

the birthday wishes rolled in all through the half

People I passed and who passed me

all yelling cheerfully

Happy Birthday to me, indeed!

PRs all around

for my coachance and me

Fabity fab considering

the course was so hilly!

Then off to the vineyards

to taste some wine

and have a beautiful dinner

I'd go home more refined

(now I know the difference

between red and white!)

A more perfect birthday

there never was

with family, friends, and a race

and, not to forget, some chocolate cake!

Happy Racing!

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