Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stink at Mountain Biking? Try This!

Have you ever decided you’d give your road bike a break to get down ‘n’ dirty on some sweet single track only to find you’re a real wuss off road? You try to avoid every crack or bump in the trail, believing your tire will somehow wedge itself into it or blow on it while you try to tell yourself your big fat knobbies can take it? So what if your big fat knobbies can take the trail ahead and you can’t? Is there any hope for a cycling junkie who wants to become more well-rounded in the sport and kick ass on and off road?


And what better way to learn than trial by fire? Grab a buddy (or 4) and sign up for a 24 Hour mountain biking extravaganza! Try a 2 person 8-hour race, part of the 24 hour dirtfest. Or grab some more friends and make it a day! (And night…) Chances are you’ll get to go around at the approximately 10 mile course at least 3 times. And on that 2nd or 3rd turn, you’ll already start to feel like a pro! (Note: TriDiva recommends bringing at least one extra friend to keep you company while your mountain biking buddy is tearing up the course.)

What is this craziness TriDiva speaks of? It’s called 24 Hours of Adrenalin, and it truly rocks. ( The people are friendly, and the course is just challenging enough to feel that you’ve conqurered something, but it won’t kill you self-professed MTB babies.

Finally, what’s more fun than a race where you get to take a break, camp, and drink while you’re racing! (Crits were never this much fun!)

So hit up a friend to borrow his/her mountain bike and get your adrenalin pumping. Pretty soon, you’ll want to be just like those guys who race the whole 24 hours solo. Been looking for a new goal after Ironman?

Happy Training, Adrenalin Junkies!

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