Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Very Un-Triathlete Bachelorette Party--With Photos!

The ideal bachelorette party for most female triathletes must be something like this: A long hike with the athletic bridal party up some beautiful mountain. Gossip over a hearty and healthy lunch of turkey sandwiches, trail mix, and Gatorade. Hike back down and stay in a cabin, far from the sights and sounds of city living. Especially when you're in the beginning of Ironman training. Wouldn't want to mess with that. Can't skip a workout entirely, right?

But how about living on the edge? Changing things up a bit? Going wild like most other bachelorettes--it's the best excuse you'll ever have to break your routine and do things you'd never ever do while training otherwise. My friends and I chose to go route #2, and it was the greatest party I have ever witnessed. And not just because it was in my honor.

Tips to Avoid Training Burn-Out at Your Bachelorette Party

  1. Don't train

  2. Go to Vegas

  3. Load up at your only meal of the day: a $30 buffet. Try every dessert.

  4. Gossip. A lot. About boys. Then play "Pin the Manhood on the Man"

  5. Drink 6,000 plus calories of alcohol over a 9-hour period of time

  6. Get serenaded by a bunch of men as equally loopy as you are

  7. Complete dirty dares written on the tags of the lingerie your friends bought you

  8. Go somewhere where no photography is allowed. See dirty things

  9. Go clubbing until it's definitely tomorrow

  10. Follow that up with someone's left-over room service pizza, found in the hallway at 5am to ensure your body, which never ever processes alcohol, doesn't eject anything when you finally go to sleep

  11. Walk around Vegas like a zombie while window shopping and watching water dance at the Bellagio

  12. Return home ridiculously motivated to resume training and banish any and all Sin City-induced bloating

Cute Girls

Me + our top gambler of the weekend

Super Hot Bridesmaids

Super Hot Bridesmaids

Piano Bar

Serenaded at a Piano Bar

Super Hot Friends

More Super Hot bridesmaids and friends

Bun Pincher

Bun Pincher. A souvenir. And another Super Hot bridesmaid.

Happy partying!

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