Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hula Hoop Your Way to a Trimmer Waistline!

A headline like that led my mom to buy a sparkly blue hula hoop recently.

The pretty plastic hoop becomes much more than a children's game when it's filled with water--it's a Level III or Black Diamond waist management tool that's way harder to keep going than your typical Level 1 hoop.

I am not a Level III hula hooper. But there's still hope for newbie hoopers who just can't keep the hoop up; you'll laugh so hard watching your friends/family stink at it, too, that you'll still get a belly work out!

So who's best with the belly action? Mom? Dad? Me? I'll let you decide...

(P.S. Sorry the videos are sideways...Lie down to watch these!)

Contestant #1: Mom

Contestant #2: Dad

Contestant #3: Me


  1. I've got to give it to your dad, based upon the sheer courage it took to do that in front of a camera!! A bold move. It's a strong man who can hula hoop for posterity.

    But I think you might owe him one for that!

  2. Haha. Definitely. His video was by far my favorite, and it took a while to get him to do it!

  3. I think my favorite part is your dad saying "does this record sound" at the end. Say hi to your parents for me!

  4. I didn't even realize he did that! hahaha