Monday, March 2, 2009

Home is a Funny Place

Exhibit A: The Leprechaun decoration by my parents' front door

He looks all normal and leprechauney and jovial...

But the second you turn your back, he turns his--to pee on the pillar!

Dad was the first to notice this phenomenon and clued me in so I could capture the mischevious decoration commiting the crime.

Exhibit B: My Dad

We go running together whenever I go home.

When I was leaving to make the trek from Phoenix to LA, my dad said, "Thanks for the runs!"

It's an excellent thing to say to someone with whom you've run numerous times.

I also, however, think that it's totally appropriate to place reflectors on your chest for better visibility on long bike rides, and that people who cross the Santa Monica Mountains' entire backbone trail should wear tshirts that say, "I'm a backboner."

It is no great mystery where my sense of humor originated.

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