Friday, March 6, 2009

The Epic Crossing of Santa Monica's Backbone Trail

Coachubby has been planning an epic adventure. Recon rides and runs have occupied his weekends for months, and it's all about to come together this weekend.

We're going to cross the entire Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains, starting at Point Mugu, and ending at Will Rogers State Park. About 70 miles total.

Here's the breakdown:
Start at Pt. Mugu, run about 17 miles.
Pick up mountain bikes at Yerba Buena crossing, bike about 30 miles.
Camp at Malibu Creek State Park.

Run about 13 miles to Topanga State Park.
Pick up mountain bikes, bike about 10 miles to Will Rogers State Park.

Sunday Afternoon:

Current concerns:
  1. Becoming a frozen Erincicle Saturday night.
  2. Mountain lions.
  3. Becoming a frozen Erincicle Saturday and Sunday mornings.
No, I am not from Puerto Rico, but I share American Idol finalist, Jorge Nuñez's, feelings about LA's current weather: It's freezing.

...I mean...who's on American Idol?

Check back next week for a full Backbone Trail report so you can successfully stage your own crossing. The trail is not well marked in a lot of areas, so we'll all benefit from coachubby's recon...if he remembers where he's been.

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