Monday, March 23, 2009

Only Cycling in LA...

Could you see the following--during a single ride.
  • relentless fog
  • people setting up to film an episode of "The Biggest Looser"
  • a Peacock farm
  • another farm called the Bony Pony
  • a ditzy blonde in a BMW wondering where the Rock Store is
  • A biker hang out in front of which said ditzy blonde is filming a commercial
  • a giant bull and a buffalo living peacefully together in a pen
  • a stream of Lamborghinis so long, you realize you've just seen the sports car equivalent of 30x more $ than you'll ever make in your lifetime
  • a peacock blocking the entire road
  • a peacock charging you as you take a bathroom break
  • a Middle Eastern cyclist with a flat who just blew a Mexican cyclist's last CO2 and is in desperate need of yet one more cyclist's aid. Good thing flatting is a universal language spoken by all cyclists
If you can get over the traffic (i.e. bring your heart rate, which is sky high from simply thinking of riding on PCH, back down before mounting your bike), riding in LA is a worthwhile, quad-busting adventure every time.


  1. You got charged by a peacock! How big are they?

  2. Bigger than the suicide squirrels that have been known to crash cyclists. I have no idea if peacocks have the same suicidal tendencies, and I didn't wait to find out. :D

  3. I love the Biggest Loser! Where were they filming?

  4. Haha! It was right at Sycamore Cove Beach--a few miles south of Point Mugu. They film LOST there sometimes, too. I snuck in to use the bathroom!