Friday, April 25, 2008

Southern California’s Great White Shark Attack

Not since 1994 has a great white attack been reported on the San Diego coast. This morning broke that 14-year streak of cheerful ocean swimming.

Just after 7am, a group of about 10 San Diego Triahlon Club members went for an ocean swim heading north from Solana Beach’s Fletcher Cove. The group was about 150 meters from the shore when 66-year old tri-club member, David Martin, was attacked by a great white shark, estimated to be between 12 and 17 feet long. Sadly, Martin did not survive his injuries—he had “suffered deep jagged lacerations, from the upper thighs to the lower shin, with a bite radius of about 22 inches.”

Triathlon Bike David Martin Triathlon Run David Martin

Beaches in Solana Beach, Del Mar, and Encinitas have been closed for 72 hours as a precaution. The San Diego Tri Club is having a get together this evening at 6pm at B&L Bike and Sports to show support for David Martin’s family and take a walk to the cove.

And I will probably not be doing my Sunday ocean swim this week, having already been paranoid about being eaten by large fish I can’t see before ever reading this terrible news. That shark could probably make its way up the 100 miles of coastline between Solana Beach and Hermosa Beach in a few days, then easily mistake me for a seal as well.

Our thoughts are with David Martin’s family and the courageous people swimming with him this morning who brought him to shore. You have my utmost respect and sympathy.

For more on the attack, please go here. Or read San Diego Tri Club President Scott Long's statement here.


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