Friday, May 18, 2007

10 Triathlon Truths to Live By

10 Triathlon Truths to Live By

1. You do not have to race all of the time to be a triathlete.

2. Gu tastes better than PowerGel.

3. USAT rankings don’t mean anything. Just like when you were ranked in the top 10% of your high school class. Who has asked you about that in the last 10 years?

4. There is nothing sexier than salt-marked spandex.

5. It’s OK to spend hours cleaning your bikes, and then refer to the 1 inch thick dirt layer on your car as it’s “chocolate icing”.

6. It’s normal to find the sex issue of a triathlon magazine to be more interesting than Cosmo ever has been.

7. If you’ve ever wondered how the race director for that last Olympic distance race spent your $125, you’re not alone. That’s a lot of Powerbars, and you didn’t eat a single one.

8. 8pm is a perfectly acceptable bed time.

9. 2,000 calories can be considered a “snack”.

10. Bugs swallowed on descents are good for you.

Happy being a Triathlete!

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