Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How to Get Out of a Training Slump - Mountain Bike Style

You've logged so many miles on the roads around your town, the next town over, and maybe even all over your entire state. The thought of doing one more "morning loop" makes you want to turn off the lights and set the alarm to "never". Before you throw in the towel and start eating massive amounts of chocolate because your slumpish state of mind has you feeling like you'll never be an athlete again, TRY SOMETHING NEW!

And I don't mean something new like doing your loop backward (although sometimes that helps).

Put away your aerobars, your skinny tires, and fear of small cracks in the road, steal a friend's mountain bike, and hit the trails! Not only will you still get a great workout in, you'll feel reinvigorated, and realize there's a whole different world of skills you need to work on. Isn't that fun!? And instead of avoiding every little crevice and bump in the road like the plague or getting yelled at to "hold your line", you can slam into everything in your path--you can even swerve off and create your own!

Nothing's stopping you now!

Any complete lack handling skill can be greatly masked by a nice full-suspension bike with disc brakes.

Just sayin'.

And if the freedom of the open fire road wasn't enough to get your blood flowin' again, consider this: chicks and cool dudes alike dig mountain biking scars. So if you're ready, forget the full suspension and disc brakes, bust out that bike your dad bought you when you were 13 because it was "pretty" and get flying down those hills! Sign up for an Xterra event while you're at it--it'll make you get better fast so you won't look like a weenie come race day.

And possibly, you will soon look as cool as this dude:

bike jump

Happy alternative training!

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