Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Xterra Temecula—Get Ready to Sweat

From the point of view of an Xterra newbie:

The most brutal swim

Known to mankind

Kicked in the chin

And in the eye

Muddy transition

But that’s just fine

The dirtier the better

And I’m toward the front of the line

Off on my borrowed steed

Forgot to grab my gu’s

After 2 hours

I begin to loose my juice

Holy crap! A girl flies by

With my age on her thigh

(OK calf, but that doesn’t rhyme)

Must stay with her or else

I’ll be left in the dirt by myself

Up! Up! Up! We go!

Man do we run slow

I’m starting to break away

I really want to win today

But there’s a chubby dude in my way

I do not gracefully go around him

And the sight of my ankle twisting astounds him

Must keep running!

I’m almost there!

Oh! I see the finish line!

And it looks most divine.

Water! Food! Must stuff my face

Xterra was an awesome race!

Happy racing!

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