Friday, May 4, 2007

A Last-Minute Wildflower Checklist

Wildflower is FUN! But here are a few things you'll need so you don't end up on some stranger's RV doorstep begging to use their kitchen:

1. FOOD! There's no Olive Garden in sight, so make your own stuff and bring it, or cook at the campsite

2. Warm clothes--gloves, hat, thick socks. It gets chilly at night!

3. Verizon wireless service. It's no secret that Cingular sucks a lot in certain places. Wildflower is one of those places. Best be making friends with someone who has Verizon, or you'll never meet your friends...unless they have Cingular, too.

4. A sense of adventure! There are people everywhere. Forget that cushy hotel bed you slept in before all of your other races. This is an experience, not a luxury vacation.

5. Patience. Especially if you're a girl doing the Olympic distance race. You won't be leaving until at least 1 hour and 10 minutes after the first wave of the race. So chill! Use the bathroom for the umpteenth time and strut around in your sexy wetsuit.

Good luck!

Happy Wildflower racing!

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