Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Swim, Run, Bike...SKI! Get out there and hit that powder!

Seriously! It's good for you!

If you're training for an early spring race like IMAZ, chances are all of those articles about winter weight gain, getting slothful in the cold months, etc... are totally irrelevant. Why? You've chosen to work your butt off, literally, during your vacation in the hopes of meeting a fabulous goal at your upcoming race. Kudos to you!

But you might have noticed something else...all of that year-round training without any break is driving you MAD! Before you head for a mental breakdown and curse yourself and your "crazy" Ironman (or Olympic or Half or Sprint...) dreams, consider this: CROSS TRAINING. Not just any cross training. GO SKIING.

Now if you've never strapped on a pair of skis in your life, don't go throwing yourself down the double diamonds on the first day. But consider these skiing facts:

  • it's a quad burner

  • you've got to be at elevation to ski--sometimes at elevations of 12,000 feet or higher--thereby giving your lungs a super workout

  • it improves coordination

  • doing long bump runs is equivalent to running sprints around a track (10 minutes hard down a run, 15 mins or less back up the chair for rest. If you do bumps all day, you'll be cursing those new high-speed quad lifts they just put in, and wishing the old, slow, creaky doubles were still in operation!)

  • if you haven't already found the single of your dreams in the very social sport of triathlon, chances are you'll find someone in the equally social sport of skiing. Romance on the mountain, anyone?

Plus, there are even more added perks than stronger thighs and a greater V02 max! Like mountain side hot chocolate, giant rice krispy treats, slopeside entertainment, people watching (was that guy's suit straight out of the '80s, or what!?), and white fluffy stuff you can eat, throw at friends, or use to ice sore spots.

So what are you waiting for? Grab those skis and hit the slopes! And don't worry about your training plan. You'll be in tip top shape when you get back after a full week of skiing--hot chocolate, rice krispy breaks, and all!Telluride Skiing

Check out Jimmy Archer's article in Triathlete Magazine endorsing Alpine Skiing as great cross-training here.

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