Thursday, January 18, 2007

Swimming Got You Googly-Eyed?

Do you get out of the pool when its still dark outside and put sun glasses on immediately? Do you run and hide in your room after swim practice for hours on end? Do your coworkers think you're just a funny-looking person, or do they make fun of the peculiar rings around your eyes and make you sit out of the "important" meetings so you won't scare your clients?

You might be a victim of GOOGLY EYES.Anon Googly Eyes

That's right. You've got your swim goggles strapped on so tight, it's a wonder your eyes haven't just popped right out into them.

Even if you're not a chronic goggle-tightener, the goggles you're wearing might just like you so much, they want to leave an impression. So they do. And you get to carry it around with you all day long. Combine that little gift with the gift of "swim cap forehead ", red eyes, stinky hair, and dry skin from the chlorine, and we wonder why anyone swims in the first place!

Never fear! Triathlete Diva to the rescue!

Here are a few things you can try to rid yourself of these unsightly afflictions:

  • loosen up those goggles! If you give them a little pat, they'll suction to your face senza the need to see how much your straps can stretch (however, if you pat too hard, you'll get googly eyes. Patting your goggles correctly is an art that takes practice.)

  • turn your swim cap inside out. The ribbing is usually on the inside, if there is any, and that's what gives you lines on your face that make you look like a character in Star Trek later. Most people have heads shaped so they don't need the ribbing to hold their caps on. Don't worry, we're not saying you have a funny shaped conehead if your cap won't stay on...

  • try a swimming mask. This, however, will almost certainly get you laughed at if you swim with a masters group. If you don't, great. If you do...just choose. Who would you rather have laugh at you? Your coworkers, or those tubby guys in speedos? (Try these Aquasphere swim mask/goggles...maybe nobody will notice you've switched from sweedes...)Swim Mask

If you just have a very impressionable face, and no matter what, end up with funky lines and circles on it after swimming, think of it as a small sacrifice for your tip top fitness. Hey, nobody's making fun of your flabby arms, are they? You don't have 'em!

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