Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are You Really Supposed to Be a Triathlete?

Olympic Athlete

Boulder-based ATLAS Sports Genetics (ATLAS standing for Athletic Talent Laboratory Analysis System) believes they can determine which sports a person will excel in--even if that person is an infant.

Using genetic testing for the ATCN3 gene, dubbed the "sports gene", the guys over at ATLAS Sports say they can tell you if your kid is going to be better at endurance or power sports--for only $150! If you have two R577X variants in your ATCN3 gene, you're an endurance sports winner!


I'm not the only skeptic who believes this gives controlling, psycho parents one more reason to push their kids into something the kids might not want to do. What ever happened to the good ol' power of the human spirit in making ourselves what we want to be? Or to the character building and sense of accomplishment that comes from figuring out your strengths on your own?


If you're a gearhead questioning your Kona bound probability, however, $150 is a lot less than an Ironman entry.


I, for one, will keep dumping money down the M-Dot drain until I make it on my own will, double R577X variants or not!


Check out this New York Times article, detailing the whole scenario.

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