Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Attention Triathletes! Want to get Really Pissed Off?

Looking for an excuse to raise your blood pressure, throw everything off of your desk, and yell at the next person you see? Unlike your last boss, you probably need something absolutely infuriating to incite a foot-stamping, voice and finger raising cussfest in your office.

And why would you look for an excuse to become a loathsome tantrum-throwing maniac? Well, some pure emotion is good for the soul sometimes. Pure, angry emotion. In regulated doses. And to wear this anger off, you might just go harder at your next workout.

So without further adoo, I introduce this month's edition of PO'd NOW!

To start, read this LA Times Blog article about the 59-year old doctor who's road rage led to the severe injuries of two cyclists, "

Brentwood doctor pleads not guilty to injuring cyclists

Then, if you're not already blowing the top off of your PO'd-ometer, read the comments.

Then be glad you don't have to ride the streets of LA, where car culture, despite the best efforts of bike advocacy groups, still rules, and people with huge egos and cars compensating for small other things use the road to deal with their personal issues.

Share the Road signs are a great start, but even better would be a sharable road--with bike lanes. Because nobody really likes to share, especially in Brentwood where, to make a fabulously sweeping generalization, entitlement is far above understanding on the motive-o-meter.

Now get out there to ride your anger off! Cyclists use the road for their personal issues, too. Just don't pull a CTT (Christopher Thomas Thompson) and speed ahead of an annoying car only to slam on your brakes in front if it moments later. That won't turn out well for anyone.

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