Monday, April 27, 2009

10 Signs You're a Cycling Addict

  1. A 40-mile ride with 2000+ feet of climbing is a "recovery" ride.
  2. You refer to Mondays as "Monday Gras" because you're usually too swollen to fit into your pants comfortably.
  3. You are concurrently grossed out and proud when you cover the entire kitchen table with the food you will consume in a single day on a long ride.
  4. Your body still pedals long after your brain stops thinking about cycling.
  5. You enjoy watching your in laws squirm with equal parts disgust and amazement at how much you eat for dinner.
  6. You can sleep on anything--including a snoring spouse.
  7. Your parents have accepted your obsession and tell you to put your feet up and to eat something when you're done with a ride instead of directly questioning your sanity. (Even when they know you rode all day on a fractured foot.)
  8. Everything on the road--cars, dogs, people, pebbles, squirrels, cracks, bark--is your mortal enemy.
  9. Head winds don't bother you anymore because you're riding for time--double digit time (in hours).
  10. You no longer obsess about the quality of your ride--if it's a bike, you'll happily ride it. Far. (Saddle quality, however, will always be a concern. Cycling's not all about the legs, you know!)

Happy cycling!


  1. Love this list! :) I found your blog by way of the entry about Sandy that AdventureCORPs included in an e-newsletter, then Sandy mentioned to me on Facebook that you were one of the other RAO entrants. I'm signed up too - HELP!!!) ;) I have really enjoyed reading both your triathlon and cycling entries - very entertaining, and I can totally relate! :) Well, all except for the going fast part - I'll leave that up to you - I'm the tortoise!

  2. Excellent post! Just the other day, we were commenting on #1 during our 55 mile taper/recovery ride (with 2000 feet of climbing!)...

  3. Ha! Hardly! I read your Furnace Creek race report a while ago, and you're amazing! I'd love to interview you, too. I'll have to facebook you :)

  4. Mr. Deitchman, you guys are crazy! :P
    PS. I do like the irony of your blog title. :)