Monday, April 13, 2009

2009 Oceanside 70.3--The Ultimate Mullet-Race Video

Check it out!

Note: Eating before watching is probably not a good idea...some sections are molto shaky.

And the titles that were hard to read:
-Jimmy finished in 4:48. Freaking fast. He then ate a ginormous bowl of Cold Stone ice cream while being ogled by US Marines.
-Matty Reed dances a jig for Andy Potts.

Wishing you rad races and haircuts in 2009,


  1. I'm so glad we clicked on that 'mullet' link on the right side of your page. Awesomeness! Imagine if Billy Ray Cyrus were to do a triathlon! =)

    This was a great way to wash down breakfast at 1:00 PM!