Tuesday, April 28, 2009

5 More Signs You're a Cycling Addict

If you find yourself agreeing with one or more of these signs, you're certifiably bicycling brained!
  1. When the Balneol commercial that makes your friends squirm appears on TV, you think to yourself, I wonder if that would make a good lube.
  2. You've realized that chain grease on your right calf is not a "newbie mark", like those cocky crit racers once told you. You are not a newbie, but you still spend a significant portion of your shower time rubbing the grease off.
  3. You have a mental inventory of which flatulent friends you will not ride behind in case of a headwind, or in front of in case of a tailwind.
  4. You spend $100 at REI--just on PowerBars and Gatorade.
  5. The frequency at which #4 occurs is ≥ 1x / month...and the checkout guy knows your name...and asks you what your favorite flavor is every time you go.
Maybe it's time to start making pb&js...


  1. Regarding the grease problem on your leg...I used to have the problem, but my bike guys set me straight. I was keeping my drivetrain "too wet" and not cleaning it enough. According to them (and they know WAAAAAAY more about bikes than I do), when you oil your chain you should let the oil penetrate for a bit and then, using lots of clean rags, wipe the chain, gears and rings clean until no more dirt/grease/oil comes off on the rag. They said that most people leave far too much oil on their chains. It doesn't take all that much oil to lubricate and protect the chain and the excess just causes dirt and grit to adhere and gum things up. The tell tale sign, they contended, was if you see oil on your sock or leg, you are not wiping the chain enough.

    Now I am not a bike mechanic, so I can't really attest to the technical wisdom of this advice, but I trust these guys with my gear and have followed this with all eight of the bikes in my household for the past four years and I've never had a drivetrain problem on any of them and no one ever comes home with greasy legs or socks anymore.

    Just a thought!

  2. You caught me! If my bike babies were real babies, I'd be in deep trouble for beating the poo out of them and not keeping them clean! (I confess, I'm an overluber.)