Monday, April 13, 2009

Recession Egg

Because everything--even Easter--has to be a competition if you're a triathlete, egg-bashing takes precedence over egg-coloring in my family.

(Plus, if you're a triathlete, art, even in the form of egg dying, may not be your thing.)

Now, you can get the need for Sunday competition out while simultaneously masking your inability to make that perfect, rainbow-speckled egg, by introducing "Recession Egg" into your household.

Don't forget this new, recession-cool way to dye your eggs! It's a post-modern art form! A revolution!

Step 1:
Find a Sharpie somewhere in your house. Everybody has one.
Step 2: Draw on your eggs.
Step 3: Have an egg bashing contest. The egg left uncracked at the end is the winner!

(P.S. If you want to get all 100 % recessionista on the eggs, don't boil them to conserve energy--and win the contest. In egg bashing, unboiled eggs have traditionally been crowned champion. Somehow, they're just harder to crack on the end than the boiled, I-have-an-air-bubble-in-my-bum eggs.)

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