Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Coachancé - What it Is and Why it's Beneficial to Your Training

coachancé(e) - (n.) a coach who also happens to be your fiancé(e). This person might have been your coach first, then your fiancé, or vice versa. He/She is still referred to as a coachancé as opposed to a foach if the latter situation is true.

hoach / woach - (n.) related to the coachancé(e). A husband or wife who is also your coach.


The benefits of being engaged (or married) to your coach:

1. When you say "Not tonight, honey, I'm tired," he/she knows you mean it. You did work out for 9 hours. And because he/she created that killer 9 hour workout, he/she can be partly to blame for your complete exhaustion.

2. He/She knows if you skipped a workout, are eating too much chocolate cake, or are getting too much / too little rest and can adjust accordingly and on the fly. (As opposed to an e-coach, or one of those coaches who prints out your workouts per month and doesn't know your ITs have made your bum so sore you can't sit down.)

3. He/She can train with you. So you have a perma-fantastic training partner who is always there to encourage and push you. Plus you get to spend a lot of quality time together that work (or sleep in the rest of the population's case--they're not getting up at 4:30am to go swimming with their significant other!) otherwise takes away.

Yes, the coachancé (or foach/woach) is a marvelous thing. It is a relationship that has worked for many of the world's most accomplished triathletes (Barb Lindquist + hoach Loren; Michellie Jones + hoach Pete Colson...) It may just work for you.


But before you go off proposing to your coach this afternoon, make sure to think about other things as well. The bond of triathlon is strong, but it's important you both have your own lives and different personal interests as well. For example, if you like to read mystery novels in your spare time, and he/she has something completely different they like to do--like fishing-- you're probably well on your way to the romance of your life.

Happy Coach Dating!

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