Thursday, April 19, 2007

What Makes an Ironman?

IMAZ Inspired by IMAZ and Dr. Seuss:

Some are red

Some are blue

Some are veterans

Some are new

Some are young

Some are old

Some are skinny

Some are bold

Some have lots of family and friends

Some come alone

Some live just around the bend

Some are far from home

Some do it to prove a point

Some just because they can

Some wanted to finish before night fell

Some just hoped to become an Ironman

All are fighters

All are stong

All inspire

All went all day long

All have will, determination, and heart

All accomplished so much even before the start

All because they said, "I can"

These very different people became an Ironman!

Congratulations to all of you Ironmen, and Ironmen of the Future (IOTF). Remember, one Ironman gives you bragging rights for life--and you can start bragging before you even get your finisher hat!

Happy training! (Or resting/eating like a piggy!)

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