Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An Ironman Checklist

Well, a rather unconventional one. You should already remember your wetsuit, shoes, sunglasses, bike, etc... but the items below are every bit as important. Don't forget these!:


  • your fabulous smile

  • your sense of humor

  • your mantra (I ROCK! No Pain No Gain! etc...)

  • your cheering squad (coachancĂ©, parents, friends, brother/sister...)

  • a sense of readiness and excitement

  • your well-rested body

  • your well-hydrated body

  • a feeling like you're going to conquer the world and kick mucho butt!

If you're racing this weekend, have fun! Look for a black bike with pink flames, pink handlebars, and a pink seat, then cheer / wave hi. That'll be TriDiva.

Good luck!

PS. TriDiva will return next Tuesday with tales from AZ. If it doesn't hurt too much to type.

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