Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ironman Mantras--Which One Will You Use?

You don't have to be doing an Ironman to have a mantra that'll kick you into high gear and take your race to the next level. They're even super helpful in tough workouts.

So without further adoo, here are some mantras to get you going if you haven't already found one that works wonders for you. TriDiva will be using them at IMAZ on Sunday (for more information on what it is called when you conspicuously drop hints that you are doing an Ironman aka how to brag about doing an Ironman before you've actually done one, check out this article).

TriDiva's IMAZ Psych-Up Mantras!

TriDiva's personal favorite, which will certainly be used over and over on Sunday: “I’m the greatest! I’m a machine!”

Another helpful one: “It’s supposed to hurt.”

On the bike: “Spin to win!”

Swimming: “Sleek! Strong! Fast!” This is effortless! I am amazing!

Running: “I am so strong! So fast! So ready!”

Bring it on!

And of course, it has to be said it again, because TriDiva loves it so: “I’m the greatest! I’m a machine!”

Happy Training!

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