Friday, April 20, 2007

The Ironman Tattoo- To Ink Yourself or Not

After completing an Ironman, you are compelled to spend just as much as the Ironman cost in the first place to buy all sorts of clothes that say "Finisher" on them so you can begin your life-long journey of bragging. But you can only wear those 2 t-shirts so many times in a row, and spandex trisuits aren't work-appropriate. So how do you brag on a daily basis about your super-human accomplishment without getting fired for wearing spandex or for smelling like BO from weeks on end of wearing the same thing?

You can get a TATTOO!

It's an idea every Ironman finisher must grapple with. To ink or not to ink? Maybe you want it as a personal reminder that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, so you'll stick it somewhere not too obvious. Maybe you want to brag. A lot. So you 'll stick it on the back of your calf so all of those roadies you fly by on your training rides will know they're getting their butts kicked by a triathlete. Whatever your reason or desired position, here are a few neat tattoos people have gotten over the years.

Or you can go the route of TriDiva, and possibly order hundreds of fake tattoos so you can brag whenever you want without winding up with a dotted squiggly line on your arm when your skin starts to sag when you're 70 and your grandkids wonder why you got a worm tattooed on your bicep.



Happy Bragging!

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