Thursday, December 21, 2006

Things Every Triathlete Should Be Thankful For this Xmas

1. Your friends and family aka. fan club who will cheer for you for an entire 5+ hour race, and still talk to you and love you after you brag constantly, talk numbers for hours (well, I swam a 30:12, but X went a 28:35, but I beat him on the run...), and complain about how sore you are, even though they're thinking on the inside, "you did it to yourself!"

2. Carbon fiber...everything

3. Spandex...everything (including Speedo Runs in very public places)

4. The fact that Jelly Beans and candy bars can be counted as essential nutrient-delivering items, because you're "training"

5. Your metabolism. Bring on the Egg Nog!

6. Warm outdoor pools on cold days. Steamy.

7. Seeing the sun rise on bike rides (makes you forget you can't feel your hands, feet, face...or entire body)

8. Snot rockets

9. Strategically placed portapotties

10. Training buddies...

  • with nice butts

  • who bring extra food, lest you bonk

  • who are very positive

  • who will do your "only 25 more miles" loop with you for only a pint of beer in return

  • who wear very funny looking guys who wear white cycling shorts

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