Thursday, December 14, 2006

Being Sickety Sick Sick & Fun Stuff to Fix It

Being sick stinks. Being a sick triathlete stinks even more. Pourquoi? Well, my Type-A friends, who really wants to miss a workout? And how do you know when to draw the line before "certain death" but after simply "uncomfortable" when halting your crazy athletic endeavors?

With all of those recent articles about superhealthy marathoners dropping dead on their runs (like this one in the NY Times), it makes you wonder if running while wheezing is really worth it. I mean, those guys weren't even feeling badly! Geez.

So here are a few things to help you cope with your sickness, should you decide to shun your body's "love me, nurture me, let me watch TV and drink soup all day and suck on nasty tasting things and pretend it's helping somehow" signals and go do your workouts:

  • the Snot Spot--for those of you who just can't fathom using your sleeve, a friend, or who haven't learned how to SNOT ROCKET yet (read the article. You can thank me later.)

  • an electronic foot warmer--you could try to stick one of these babies in your cycling shoes. But if your feet burn off, remember I didn't make you do it.

Or, if you just want to stay home, check this out:

  • Buy What it Takes then write me and tell me that Peter Reid made you sad. He's one of the world's greatest athletes, but still a sad lone wolf. At least during his training days. So maybe that's why he kicks mucho bum (no late-night triathlete "socials" for him) but still. Somebody should've bought him a beer while he was in Tucson. Or something.

  • Watch A Christmas Story. Because it's December, it's hilarious, and if you live somewhere like I do where the only snow you see is the soapy stuff that blows out of a compressor at regular intervals at the mall, it'll make you feel all warm and cozy being all nestled up on your couch in a blanket. And instead of thinking about being sick, you can plan how you're gonna get your best friend to lick a freezing metal pole.

I'm off to suck some more Halls and revamp training schedules so I can make everything up, even though in the bottom of my aching heart, I know I should just sleep. And I probably will. Oh yes, and work...

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